Sample Workshop

Virtual Conference Schedule (3 hours)


Main Session #1Engaging the Unreached– 45 mins (John Paetkau SEND)

Break– 10 mins

Workshops– 50 mins- Choose one of the following: Interactive workshop with discussion in zoom

        Creative Access Through Marketplace Ministries  (Tim Wong TEAM, Steve McElroy OMF, Regina Wang SIM)

        Sharpening Your Church’s Global Focus (Howard More GEM)

        Mission Life in the Cross Cultural Fast Lane (John Paetkau)-

Break– 20 mins

Main Session #2– 45 Mins for Disciple Making Movements Starting in My Home? (Jon Luesink Avant)

Final/Closing session: 10 Mins- Different mobilizers in breakout rooms and lead that group to:


        Fill out form for followup (together on their phone/laptop fill out closing survey)

Seminar descriptions:


Engaging the Unreached3.2B people are unreached by the Gospel.  Learn about unreached peoples and the ways that you can become more purposefully involved – locally and globally — in God’s plan to receive glory and honor from every nation, tribe, people and language, namely, Learn, Pray, Go, Send, Welcome, and Mobilize.


Creative Access Through Marketplace Ministries- Learn creative ways and funding models to serve cross-culturally using your business and professional experience in teaching, medical and other professional roles; in missional business, micro finance, consulting and more. Interact with experienced practitioners serving in creative access contexts.


Sharpening your Church’s Global FocusIn light of the large number of ministry needs and opportunities around the world, how can a local church determine its unique contribution? This seminar will deal with principles to help a church to recognize its specific role in global mission and increase its congregational involvement. 


Mission Life in the Cross Cultural Fast LaneServing in a different culture is an adventure with many challenges and new skills to be learned. Many of those skills are applicable to everyday life here in Canada. Learn principles that can apply in situations you encounter everyday to connect with those God has placed in your circle of influence


Disciple Making Movements Starting in My Home- Disciple making movements are real. They are taking place in all but the last frontier – affluent, post-Christian societies like ours. What could we spark from our own living room? Global catalyzers and Canadian practitioners share how to get ready for a changed world – &