The following mission related resources have been carefully curated by the GCC.  

Understanding the Terms

Do you know what the 10/40 Window is? People Group? The differences between Unengaged and Unreached? Which countries in the world have the least access to the Gospel? (website by Joshua Project)

Missions by the Numbers

How many unreached people groups are there in the world? What country has the least access to the Gospel? How many translations of the Bible are there? Learn about missions by the numbers (website by the Travelling Team)

Being the Best Sending Church

How can churches better support their missionaries beyond just finances? This blog by SEND Canada is a great resources on the many ways churches can provide better care for their missionaries.

How to Share Your Faith

The basic starting point of spreading the gospel starts by learning how to share your faith with others. (website by Billy Graham Association)

What are the Steps of Becoming a Missionary

Do you feel called to become a missionary? Are you wondering how to start or where to begin? Learn how to discern your next steps. (website hosted by TEAM)